A touch of class

Ammonites seem to have an air of superiority about them.

I’m glad I am an ammonite,
A most superior clan.
My Ammon’s coily ram-horn shape
Gives me a God-like plan.

My DNA has made me thus:
Its double helix shape
Has got me winding round myself –
A fate I can’t escape.

So I feel I’ve been set apart
From other ocean creatures.
Take nautiloids. They’re less evolved,
With subtly different features:

The siphuncle they’ve got inside
Is central, mine is not;
Their suture patterns curve a bit,
Mine squiggle quite a lot.

I’m better than a belemnite –
They’re dull and rather straight;
I’m so glad I’m an ammonite,
I really am first-rate!

And when I die, I’d like to rest
On Lyme Bay’s stony coast.
Then, when geologists come by,
They’ll see my spiral ghost . . .

[Image: Ian Petticrew’s website at gerald-massey.org.uk]
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