Round and round

As far as we know, the universe hasn’t changed the way it works lately. But, over the years, our ways of interpreting how we see it have.

They said: “The Sun goes round the Earth”,
And everyone believed it.
The opposite seemed so absurd
That no-one had conceived it.

And likewise, “All the universe
Must spin around us, too”.
We strained our eyes to watch the stars
And knew it must be true:

The centre of the universe
Was us, God made it so.
Until our measurements improved
And scientists said, “No!”

“Our data fit another view
Which upsets, we should add,
The paradigm that’s been around
Since Adam was a lad.”

So now the Earth goes round the Sun!
The only thing that’s new
Is how we’ve looked at what we’ve seen
And what we’ve thought was true.

[Images: Stanford University Solar Center; UC Berkeley Center for Science Education]
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