The Shelley pigeon

People of all ages seem to enjoy being around Horsham’s unusual water feature. I wonder how many have noticed that the North Pole of the Rising Universe makes a watery perch for local pigeons. One in particular. . .

My pigeon mates are envious, but they were just too slow –
I saw it first. First come, first served, that’s pigeon law. And so
They sometimes come to visit, but they’re wary of the flow
Of water that cascades into the concrete bowl below.

Perhaps you will have seen me, perched atop this curious sphere?
The water cools my feet, and I can see for miles from here.
I like to watch as families from all around appear
To sit and chat and eat their lunch. I never interfere.

I’m on the Shelley Fountain, way out west in Horsham town.
I s’pose it’s art in action, but two puzzles make me frown.
How come that children like it, even though they nearly drown?
And how d’you stop this blooming thing from going up and down?

[Photo by ‘Lord Cogsby’ on flickr]
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