Bog standard

In post-war Britain, the Izal Medicated toilet roll was ubiquitous. There wasn’t much choice, other than squares of newspaper. It presented users with unanswered questions (like why, and with what was it ‘medicated’; and why was one side glossy?). And there were aspects of its performance which left much to be desired, but at least it was reliable in its way.

Nostalgia’s when you find you wish you
Had that vintage toilet tissue:
One to hygiene dedicated –
Good old Izal Medicated.

Remember Izal? Good and strong,
Hard and shiny, white and long,
Single-layered (why use two
When, with Izal, one would do?).

Iconic, quietly understated,
Regularly perforated,
Slightly see-through (good for tracing),
Intimately interfacing.

Izal rolls before en-suite
Would greet you as you left your seat,
For your most personal ablution –
A medicated institution!

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