On the end of the world being nigh

Like the prophets of old, the scientists of today look at people’s behaviour and foretell their doom.

“All men are sinful creatures, and in them there is no good;
Repent, or else the end is very near.
Forsake your evil actions and do all the things you should!”
Such strictures folk in churches used to hear.

These days, the same old message: “You must mend your wicked way!”
But now it comes from scientists as well.
“Your fate will be much hotter if our call you disobey”,
But theirs is quite a different kind of Hell:

Teeth-gnashing, yes, and wailing too, as water levels rise,
More floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and storms.
“Remember we predicted this,” will come the prophets’ cries,
“You pump out CO2 – the planet warms.”

It can’t be our fault,” people said, ignoring every sign.
We’re doing what we want, what’s wrong with that?
“You’re messing up the world in ways that weren’t in its design:
Your lifestyle’s why you’ll lose your habitat.

“You choose to use resources as if each day is your last –
You’re acting like you think there’s no tomorrow,”
Say scientists, agreeing with the prophets of the past.
“Why can’t you see it’s bound to end in sorrow?”

[Image: Harkheindzel’s World]
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