The breadmaker

Blatch & Shepherd, our local independent baker, closed at the end of November 2004. It demanded a radical lifestyle change on the part of this customer.

Blatch & Shepherd’s baked wonderful bread:
On their long tins and bloomers we fed.
But then came the chop –
Blatch & Shepherd shut shop.
What now could we slice up and spread?

That day was an awful heart-breaker.
To lose such a fine local baker
As a matter of fact
Made such an impact
That we went out and bought a breadmaker.

No common shop-bread would have done;
We’d been spoiled. Supermarkets we’ll shun,
For a loaf wrapped in plastic
Is just not fantastic.
On that, I agree with my son.

We’re now raring to go, we are aching
To plug the thing in and get baking.
So we load up the beast
With flour, salt and yeast,
Butter, water and sugar, hands shaking.

“Now, let’s switch it on!” I exclaim,
For to match B&S was our aim.
And it did pretty well –
Made a luvverly smell –
But somehow it’s just not the same . . .

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