It’s a mineral. And so are adamite, eveite, boggsite, niggliite, maxwellite and murdochite, ferrowyllieite, plumbogummite and, of course, gordonite. (Find them on http://www.mindat.org/mineralindex.php.) Nick Park’s Plasticene Pals have found others:

“Grandviewite,” said Wallace to Gromit.
“Tiptopite, old friend, I should say.
Goldquarryite beckons us, Gromit,
There’s treasureite coming our way.

“It’s Archerite time on the radio
(The Simpsonsite’s been on TV);
There’s pigeonite pie in the oven
And Pringleite crispies for tea;

“For breakfast, Marumoite, Gromit,
Spread thickly on Wensleydale cheese.
Macdonaldite? Never, eh, Gromit?
We’re proudite, and eat what we please.”

[Image: wallaceandgromit.com]
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