Swan song

In September 2007, the management of the Swan Walk shopping centre in Horsham had an “environmental and safety review”, and decided that the bronze sculpture of three swans landing on water would have to go. Passing by the white, padlocked, tomb-like enclosure that temporarily adorned the centre of Swan Walk, I thought I heard this plaintive call from within:

We don’t know why we’re going;
We don’t know when, or where.
We’re innocent of any crime –
It all seems so unfair.

We pose no risk to shoppers,
In fact we give much pleasure;
And yet the management insist,
“It’s a Health and Safety measure”.

Have we been such a menace
Since first we landed here?
How come that all you Horsham folk
Survived for many a year?

We reckon there’s a reason
That we’ve been made to go:
We take up useful retail space,
And don’t make any dough.

Eventually, they were allowed back, but there was a problem – see Crash landing.

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