A birthday reminded me of the number rhymes used in Bingo (Lotto, or Housey-Housey in its less commercialized form). I had to resort to to refresh ancient memories of Christmases past.

In Bingo-speak, I’m clickety-click,
All the sixes, sixty-six.
One past my old age pension, and
Four score past pick and mix.

It seems like only yesterday
I’d reached the key of the door.
After two little ducks, a duck and a flea,
The question was: did you score?

By twenty-nine I’m doing fine;
But after flirty thirty,
I get up and run at thirty-one
’Cos her boyfriend’s getting shirty. . .

Real life begins at forty,
And after time for fun
Comes Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger, too) –
Er, honey, anyone?

I rise and shine at forty-nine,
Then, in scarcely the blink of an eye,
I’m hurtling down the Brighton line.
My word, how time does fly!

Blind sixty next, then baker’s bun,
And then it’s tickety-boo.
But now I’m clickety-click; and that
Just now, will have to do.

For who knows what numbers might yet be called?
Is this Bingo game benign?
If I strive and strive at staying alive,
Will the top of the house be mine?

[Image: Online Bingo]
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