Dingle dangle scarecrow

As customers of toddler groups will know, this rhyme (and its tune) sticks in your head. It certainly had an effect on mine.

I’m a dingle dangle scarecrow
With a flippy, floppy hat;
I can shake my hands like this,
And shake my feet like that.

And a lot of good it’s done me,
This old flippy, floppy hat:
All the crows just have a laugh
When I shake my feet like that!

Well, there must be more to living
Than a flippy, floppy hat.
Oh, for lively conversation
And some intellectual chat.

Are there any lady scarecrows
With a flippy, floppy hat
Who can shake their hands like this,
And shake their feet like that?

In my dreams, you’re standing out there
With your flippy, floppy hat,
And your hands that shake like this,
And your feet that shake like that.

We can never be united,
But our lives need not be flat
While we shake our hands like this,
And shake our feet like that.

If you’re real, please send a message
By a passing mouse or rat,
Then my hands will shake like this,
And my feet will shake like that !

[Image: clipartkid.com]
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