Santa’s problem

Somehow, the 2008 Swan Walk Santa seemed remote and mechanical.

Has Santa got a problem?
His limbs look stiff to me.
He sings a bit, then dozes off,
While stuck inside a tree!

Swan Walk has fenced off Santa,
And children wonder why;
But if you watch him closely,
You’ll see him wink an eye. . .

“Don’t worry, Horsham children,
I’m resting, I’m alright.
My sleigh’s already loaded up,
All set for Christmas night.

“My grotto needs a refit,
My reindeer must be rested,
My eyes don’t see so well these days –
I need to get them tested.

“But I’ll be out on Christmas Eve,
For I’m a tough old chappie.
I’ll do my very, very best
To make your Christmas happy.”

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