No place to hide

In the human male, the annular positioning of the prostate around the urethra, and
its benign enlargement in later years, is a “design fault” that evolution has yet to
deal with. Mine has just been the subject of a number of non-surgical investigations.

They’ve had a look inside me
With X-rays and ultrasound.
They seemed to be quite taken
With all the things they found.

The youthful radiographer,
As he pointed out my bones,
Said, “Good news on your kidneys –
I can’t see any stones”.

The hospital’s sonographer,
As she smothered me with gel,
Said, “You’ve got a lovely liver,
And your spleen looks good as well.

“Your prostate is a bit enlarged –
That’s natural, never mind –
And that is why your bladder
Keeps a little bit behind.

“Your kidneys, though, are normal,
On the left and . . . on the right.
Internally, your body
Is a fascinating sight”.

Well, I’m glad I made them happy
By exposing my inside.
Beware, though: with these characters
There is no place to hide.

If your State of Denmark’s rotten
They will find the source of rot –
For they get to see right through you:
What they see is what you’ve got.

[CT image (through someone else’s torso):]
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