To-do lists are a pain. Here’s how to relieve it.

I’ve got a little list of all the things I ought to do.
(I’m sure I’m not alone in this – I bet you’ve got one too?)
It keeps on getting longer, even though I never stop:
When I cross one off the bottom, two more go on the top.

I tried to subdivide it, each a separate mini-list;
But keeping track of where they were just drove me round the twist.
So I made a list of all the lists, but that made matters worse.
I think the Devil’s in those lists – they’re nothing but a curse.

So here is my solution. It’s a single list, no more,
And one that only lengthens; but eventually, I’m sure,
It’ll make you feel contented – maybe just a touch conceited:
It’s a list of all the jobs that you have finished, done, completed!

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