Many websites have what they call Frequently Asked Questions, with their accompanying answers. The aim is to anticipate what most visitors to the site might want to know. But I’m not ‘most visitors’.

I’ve looked at all the FAQs
From the first one to the last,
But the Questions I want answers to
It seems aren’t Frequently Asked.

I’m sure that websites do their best
To give the answers needed;
For me, their efforts aren’t enough.
Why have they not succeeded?

I can’t be asking often enough. . .
So here’s my cunning plan:
I’ll stop each person in the street,
Each woman and each man,

And put my Questions to them all.
I’ll keep a careful score,
Then monitor those FAQs
To see if I need more.

How many times is ‘frequently’?
How often must I ask
My questions so they make the grade?
It seems a daunting task.

So just in case that doesn’t work,
I’d welcome more suggestions –
Perhaps a website that will list
Infrequently Asked Questions?

[Image: searchenginejournal.com]
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