It’s Christmas in Horsham

It’s Christmas 2011, and there’s a recession on. In Horsham, the King’s Head is still closed, and budgets are having to be cut, yet the town’s restaurant count keeps rising.

It’s Christmas in Horsham!
There’s room at the inn,
But it’s still boarded up
So you cannot get in.

It’s Christmas in Horsham
With restaurants galore!
(If money’s so tight,
Why’re they opening more?)

It’s Christmas in Horsham!
You can shop till you drop;
But Broadbridge Heath Leisure
Is faced with the chop.

It’s Christmas in Horsham!
Our young folk won’t cheer,
For their Youth Clubs are threatened
With closure next year.

It’s Christmas in Horsham!
Unemployment’s so high
That it’s tough for our NEETs,
Whatever they try.

The recession is biting,
The future’s unclear
But it’s Christmas in Horsham,
So, er, be of good cheer . . .

[Image: West Sussex County Times (Derek  Martin)]
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