Keep taking the tablets

It pays to take careful notice of medical advice.

“Keep taking the tablets, this one’s for your heart –
Keeps the blood pressure down; one a day for a start.
And this one should lower your cholesterol count –
We’ll see how you fare with the smallest amount.

Your acidic reflux, with which you’ve been troubled
Should respond to this third one, or the dose will be doubled.
And lastly, this one, for the gentleman’s curse;
It isn’t a cure, but things shouldn’t get worse.”

I listened intently to every word
That the good doctor uttered, in case I mis-heard.
But my brain became tired, as he droned on and on,
And my eyes started drooping – concentration had gone.

I think I dozed off for a second or three,
And I missed the last word of his message to me:
“Keep taking the tablets, old fellow,” he said,
“Keep taking the tablets, or else you’ll be . . .”

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