D’Arcy’s secret

D’Arcy Trinkwon is a brilliant concert organist, a master of his instrument and of an incredibly wide and varied repertoire. I came away from a recent performance at Worth Abbey, where he is currently organist, convinced that he could not possibly have played a Widor Allegro with just the usual human complement of limbs. He was hidden from view behind the console, but occasionally a hand would appear to turn a page. Here’s how he does it:

I’ve sussed the Trinkwon secret,
How he casts his magic spell.
He uses both his feet, of course,
But he’s got four hands as well.

You only see the usual two
When he takes his seat to play,
But then he secretly deploys
A pair he’s hidden away.

As Widor’s music whirls and swirls,
This organist engages
One hand per manual, one for stops
And one to turn the pages.

I reckon lots of practice
(And maybe evolution)
Has acted on the Trinkwon frame
To fashion this solution.

[Image (not of D’Arcy Trinwon!): haamusiikki.info]
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