The Society of Radiator Geeks

A guide showing us round a museum remarked that an earlier visitor had become excited over one of the building’s radiators – apparently, it was a rare example of its type. He’d told the guide he was a member of a ‘radiator club’. My search engine couldn’t locate one, but such an organisation is clearly needed. Here’s my proposal:

The radiator, that thing on the wall,
Gets ignored every day. After all,
It doesn’t need telling to warm up your dwelling
As you hang up your coat in the hall.

I think there should be a Society
To celebrate their endless variety.
So I’ll set up a meeting for fans of space heating
To make rules to ensure its propriety.

My Society of Radiator Geeks
Will meet every couple of weeks
To find out what’s humming in the weird world of plumbing,
And discuss radiator antiques.

They will make it their special vocation
To seek out and record the location
Of rads new and old; then, before long, behold –
A Radiator Map of the nation!

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