Going to the Moon

It’s easier for young people to think outside the box because they haven’t yet found the edges of it.

“Mum,” said Joe, I shan’t be long,
I’m going to the Moon.”
“Yes, Joe dear, of course you are.
Make sure you come back soon.”

An hour passed. Then Joe returned.
“My! That was quick,” said Mum.
“I haven’t been there yet,” said Joe.
(Are all grown-ups this dumb?)

“My friends have each agreed to lend
A helium balloon,
Then I’ll tie them all together
And float up to the Moon.

“But if that fails, I won’t give up.
I know it can be done:
Neil Armstrong bounced around up there
And made it look good fun.

“Perhaps a giant catapult?
A ladder of Lego bricks?
And if those don’t get me far enough,
I’ll think up other tricks.”

“It’s good to have ambitions,”
Said Mum to spaceman Joe,
“But have a bite to eat before
You have another go . . .”

[Image: Wikipedia]
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