Witch way

Well, this will be my story when my case comes up in court . . .

There is a road in Somerset
Of which you should beware.
It’s like a wicked witch, who lures
Car drivers to her lair.

It looks quite normal on approach,
A two-way traffic scheme;
But once you’re on its carriageway,
It changes its regime.

What was two-way has now become
A one-way street, to boot:
You’re facing angry motorists
Who wave and flash and toot!

“The idiot,” those drivers think,
“He’s going the wrong way!”
“The idiots,” you think, but then
You close your eyes and pray.

But prayer’s no good in Somerset –
Such pleas the gods do spurn.
So wait until the road is clear,
Then do a quick U-turn.

Was it a nightmare? No, it’s real:
Beware the wicked witch
Who lures car drivers to her lair –
Or end up in the ditch.

[Image: blendra.com]
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