’Cos it is!

A certain young person of my acquaintance is going through a phase of questioning everything. Often, the questions are simple, but a proper answer would take more than their attention span to deliver, even if you knew it. It’s an excellent trait in youngsters, but one that grandparents should ideally be shielded from for at least four years. But I have a remedy for anyone so afflicted.

The use of the question Why?
By children aged four years or less
Should not be allowed, for Why?
Makes their elders show signs of distress.

As parents and grandparents know,
It’s persistently posed by such tots.
The solution is never to show
That it’s got your brain tied up in knots.

If their questioning makes you feel weary,
Don’t admit that you’re all in a tizz,
Just tell them, whatever their query,
The answer is this: “’Cos it is!

[Image: germguy.wordpress.com]
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