On being a circle

Inspired by a granddaughter’s ‘poim’ on the same subject.

Being a circle is boring,
Being a circle is tough.
I’m getting quite browned off with being so round –
Somehow, it’s just not enough.

I could be an elegant oval,
I could be the shape of a pear;
And sometimes I dream of a magical scene
Where a circle turns into a square!

I know that a circle is ‘perfect’,
I know that a circle is ‘pure’,
But I long for some straight bits (oh, they would be great bits!)
And angles. I’d feel more . . . mature.

Okay, so I’d not be a circle
In the strictest sense of the word;
But I’ve thought all along that the strict sense was wrong:
Definitions are better off blurred!

So next time you’re drawing a ‘circle’,
Be inventive, creative, just play!
Allow this old shape from its chains to escape
And throw that darned compass away!

[Image: www.theschoolrun.com]
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