Testing . . .

Since 1985, I have been part of a long-term health study of (initially) over 10,000 people; thirty years on, only about 6000 are still participating. Every 5 years or so, we get a checkover of our physical and mental health: samples are taken, measurements are made and questions asked . . .

You’re welcome to my blood, height, weight and ecg,
You can take what hair you need (please leave a bit for me!).
You can test my grip strength, finger taps, my walking speed, and more,
How fast my pulse can travel, BP and IQ score.

I do it altruistically in part, but I’ve a hunch
I also like free travel and your slap-up sit-down lunch*.
I’ve used the feedback on my health: my blood pressure’s reduced,
Cholesterol too, and that’s all thanks to the data you produced.

I realise that I’m lucky, that so far I’ve stayed alive
To face the latest testing that your Study can contrive.
I quite enjoy the challenge, it keeps my brainbox agile;
Don’t over-stretch my memory, though – I think it’s getting fragile . . .

* Actually, a sandwich, piece of cake and cup of tea.

[Image: goodbodyclinic.com]
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