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Multiple trackways of long-necked sauropod dinosaurs who walked through a shallow lagoon some 170 million years ago have been found in Middle Jurassic rocks at Cairidh Ghlumaig on the Isle of Skye. This explanatory message from one of the creatures has since emerged:

I’m a sauropod dino frae Skye,
A quadruped, plant-eating guy.
A great long-necked classic frae the Middle Jurassic
Wi’ legs just like tree-trunks, och aye!

My footprints, ye’ll find, are four-toed
And big, just tae carry ma load,
For I’m ten tons in weight with a narrow-gauge gait –
It’s what evolution bestowed.

Ye’ll see, on each front leg, a claw.
D’ye ken what that digit is for?
(Nor do I, but I use it in case I should lose it –
I doot if I’ll ever grow more . . .)

The climate is humid and hot,
So I have tae put up with a lot;
But when the Sun’s high at noon ye cannae beat a lagoon
For coolin’ the feet of a Scot!

[Image Steve Brusatte (from Archaeology News Network)]
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