Things looked different before I got into geology:

When I was seven years post-birth,
I thought the Earth was made of earth.
I’d dug a hole, on hands and knees,
Aimed straight at the Antipodes –

Specifically, at Alice Springs.
I’d scratched and scraped with trowels and things;
Sometimes the going got quite tough,
But what came out was earthy stuff.

So Earth was earth. I’d proved it so:
However deep my hole would go,
No basement rocks, no sills or dykes,
No faults appeared, no clints or grikes,

No mantle, crust or iron-rich core,
No sedimentary fossil-store –
A clear result from all my toil!
(And piles and piles and piles of soil . . . )

[Photo: Daily Mail/Polly Wreford/Ryland Peters & Small]
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