Millennium ark

How to survive the effects of global warming?

The outlook’s not good, the predictions are dire,
The ice-sheets are melting, the sea’s getting higher,
And fossil fuel stocks won’t last out for ever.
If there is a solution, it’d better be clever.

So I’m planning an Ark with a huge solar panel
And a Global Positioning Satellite channel
With radar and sonar and intricate gearing
That plots the best courses and does all the steering;

The waste gets recycled, the food’s grown on board,
Rainwater’s collected and filtered and stored.
It’s better than Noah’s: mine’s bristling with new bits,
And bigger by far – one or two gigacubits.

Now I must get a move on, or I’ll be caught out,
But there’s one little problem I’ve got to sort out:
I still need to develop a stabilised hammock,
That will quell the unease of my landlubber’s stomach . . .

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