Beeing in Horsham

‘Horsham in Bloom’ is an annual excuse for the Parks & Gardens people to pretty the place up. There are also prizes for the best gardens, and a poetry competition . . .

I’ve been around, I know the score.
Addicted, always wanting more,
I’ve buzzed until my wings got sore
In search of my next nectar store.

I’ve often had to fly for hours,
Dodging scattered thundery showers,
Employing my instinctive powers
To seek out likely-looking flowers.

But I’ve just found a special place:
It’s Horsham, and its blooms are ace!
They’re everywhere you turn your face –
It’s nectar heaven, it’s hyperspace!

So now life’s easier, you see;
With so much nectar going free,
A hive in Horsham seems to me
A blooming super place to bee!

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