On the trail of a snail

There it was, halfway up the wall of the house. Aren’t snails meant to slither slimily over the ground?

I always thought snails weren’t supposed
To leave themselves over-exposed.
This one’s climbing a wall!
Has he no sense at all?
Has his malady been diagnosed?

For a snail, he’s abnormally high,
Doing things that his mates never try.
Their gaze firmly grounded,
They’d all be astounded
If ever they looked to the sky.

A creature so painfully slow
Needs to think very hard where to go.
If it goes the wrong way
It could end up as prey.
He’s a snail of the world – he should know.

As I pondered these thoughts, the snail spoke:
“Look, I’m not doing this for a joke.
I’d more likely be found
If I stayed on the ground;
Going vertical’s my masterstroke.

“My direction in life’s my affair;
If I want, I’ll climb up in the air.
I am blazing new trails
For adventurous snails,
And I’m climbing this wall ’cos it’s there.”

 [Image: publicdomainpictures.net]
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