Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do

The 25 September 2004 issue of New Scientist reported this work, being done by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Perth, Australia.

Some scientists, performing
A review of global warming,
Have highlighted what ruminators do:
They generate – to be plain –
One fifth of global methane,
A greenhouse gas much worse than CO2.

At C.S.I.R.O.,
They have found a way to go:
They give the beasts a course of  vaccinations
Which enters their interior
And kills off the bacteria
That generate their harmful eructations.

No-one’s asked the cows or sheep,
Or the company they keep,
Their views on this, or asked for their permissions.
But here’s what Daisy says:
We haven’t changed our ways,
It’s you who’ve increased greenhouse gas emissions”.

[Photo: theguardian.com]
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