Earth to Mars. . .

At low resolution, a feature first discovered in 1976 in the Cydonia region of Mars somewhat resembles a face. Some people claimed that it was not a natural geological structure but had been created by an intelligent Martian civilisation, perhaps to signal to us on Earth.

(Enhanced, cropped, low-resolution view from Viking 1 in 1976. Photo: NASA)

Way out there in space, there’s a trace of a face
(And I don’t mean the Man in the Moon).
Rumours gather apace that this face is a place
Which the Martians have built to commune.

It’s unlikely, I know, to be so; but although
My old sceptical mind says it’s rot,
I will give it a go: “Hi . . . . . hello . . . . . ” Does it show
Any sign that it heard? I think not!

(High-resolution view from Mars Global Surveyor in 2001. Photo: NASA]

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