Ignorance is bliss

That great philosopher, poet and hummer of Hums, Pooh Bear, is finding it hard to get to The Bottom of Life. Fortunately, Christopher Robin turns up to explain how terribly boring it would be if there wasn’t anything to wonder about.

For a Bear whose Brain is Very Small,
Life’s mysteries are many.
I’ve tried so hard to solve them all,
But find I can’t solve any.

I asked Chris Robin. He said, “Pooh,
If everything were known,
Your Brain would not find much to do
With certainties alone.

“We do know some things well enough
To make our lives less frightening;
But, fundamentally, that stuff
Is not at all enlightening.

“It’s riddled, even now, with doubt:
We can’t get to the bottom
Of what reality’s about.
Want mysteries, Pooh? You got ’em!”

A Pooh who likes to sit and think
Needs mysteries to ponder,
Like: What does Eeyore like to drink?
And: Is that honey, yonder?

Or: Does the Earth go round the Sun?
So, what I’ve learned is this:
Not having answers makes life fun,
And ignorance is bliss!

[Image: dailymail.co.uk/BNPS.co.uk, acknowledging the artistry of the late E H Shepard (1879 – 1976)]
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