Swan talk 2

The 2005 Christmas decorations in Horsham’s Swan Walk included a number of silver swans ‘flying’ above the usual garlands. In case townspeople were worried about them, I sent this to the local paper.

Dear Sir,
I have seen such a sight:
Silver swans, frozen solid, in flight!
(Just look up in the roof
Of Swan Walk for the proof
Of these beautiful creatures’ sad plight.)

As I wondered how this came to be,
One silver swan whispered to me,
“We had glimpsed, from the Park,
Christmas lights in the dark,
So we thought we’d fly over to see.

“When we entered Swan Walk, line astern,
We each got spray painted, in turn.
We’d no expectations
We’d be decorations,
But there’s really no cause for concern:

“We will stay here right up to Twelfth Night
Helping Swan Walk stay sparkling and bright;
Then we’ll shake off the spray
And fly out the next day.”
Tell your readers, Sir, they’ll be all right.

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