St Michael was my tailor

The name that used to be on the label of most of my clothes quietly vanished.

St. Michael was my tailor; alas, he is no more.
You won’t find him in M&S – he’s banished from the store.
He always knew what size I was, what leg, and waist, and chest.
His garments were well crafted, his quality the best.
St. Michael stitched for everyone, for children, ladies, men.
But once Per Una came along he never worked again.

St. Michael fought the Devil, according to the Church;
But M&S abandoned him and left him in the lurch.
They took him off their garments, his image was old hat.
The women are big spenders now, they thought. And that was that.
There was no big announcement, it wasn’t headline news,
They simply changed the labels – they didn’t ask my views.

I feel ignored. I’m angry, and as loudly as I’m able
I want to shout out, “M&S, bring back St. Michael’s label.
I want him on my underwear, I want him on my shirts.
If you don’t bring St. Michael back, I’ll hit you where it hurts.”
I’ll start a revolution, a cool new style for men:
I’ll go without my clothes until St. Michael’s back again.

[Logo image: wikipedia]
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