Skin deep

I found a cream that stops my hands cracking up in cold, dry weather. The packaging describes how it does it. (Other creams do it too, of course)

As my age is increasing, my skin keeps on creasing;
The Sun is to blame, it would seem.
That’s why I’m applying
“Q10 Age-Defying
Double Strength UV-Filtering Cream”.

Will it “fight all the signs” of those wretched “fine lines”?
It had better – this stuff isn’t cheap.
Will it “re-moisturise”,
Or is it all lies?
Are its promises only skin deep?

Must I go on for ever with a skin like old leather?
No! Q10’s a “coenzyme”, you see.
It “supports ageing skin”,
Somehow, “from within”;
And that sounds just the ticket to me.

So I’ll carry on dreaming that regular creaming
Will do what the ads seem to say.
And my skin will stay smooth,
Without wrinkle or groove,
While the rest of me shrivels away.

[Image: Ocado]
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