Horsham’s swans got their new plinth (see Promises . . .) in March 2009.

The folk of Horsham made a fuss
When Swan Walk’s swans took flight;
And, though the birds appeared again,
They carried on their fight.

Those swans have waited patiently,
Feet poised as if to land,
But not on water as they’d thought:
Instead, a box-like stand.

But now Swan Walk’s iconic birds
Can wet their webs once more
In flowing water, pure and cool,
Just as they did before.

“Hooray!” the folk of Horsham cry;
“Hooray!” the swans reply,
“It’s thanks to you, good Horsham folk,
Our pool’s no longer dry.”

It didn’t last long, though – see Swan talk 3.

[Photo: publicsculpturesofsussex.co.uk (Anthony McIntosh)]
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