A moving tail

Reports reached me that a small, well-travelled canine acquaintance of mine had been helping people in a far-off land move house. I could only conclude that he had been putting his considerable people-management skills to good use.

Hi, I’m World-Wide Wallace,
You’ll have heard of me before*.
I’ve just set up a business
That can move you, door to door.

I’ve done a long apprenticeship
In all kinds of house removal
From continent to continent,
Winning customers’ approval.

I do things very subtly,
Keeping quiet and out of sight,
But poke my nose in everywhere
To check it’s all done right.

So e-mail soon to hire me,
For I’m always in demand.
You will find, with World-Wide Wallace,
That your wish is my command.

(* He’s a dachshund – see World-wide Wallace and A lasting impression.)

[Image: Amazon]
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