Swan talk 3

It’s July 2010, Having got their long-promised new plinth and briefly dabbled their feet in its flowing water (see ’Swanderful), the bronze swans in Horsham’s Swan Walk shopping centre have for some time again been teetering over a water-less landing site.

Swan Walk’s swans, iconic things,
Are hovering on cast-bronze wings.
Passing by, I heard them shout
(In rough translation), “Why the drought?”

For ages now, their pond’s been dry.
I’m not surprised they’re wondering why,
For they can have no understanding
Of where the water’s gone for landing . . .

The leading swan (whose voice was crisp,
But suffered from an awful lisp)
Said, “Landing on that bone-dry plinth
Would break our legs and make us winth.”

It made me think. I’ll not be hesitant,
I’ll write a letter to The Resident
To make the case that Horsham oughter
Turn on the tap ­– bring back their water!

(The water did eventually return for the blink of an eye, but then disappeared again . . .)

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