A lasting impression

This is the true tale of two work colleagues, A and B, chatting. As A relates how, long ago, she had seen her ideal pet on television, B realises it was her own parent’s celebrated canine, whose name has been immortalised in verse (see World-wide-Wallace) and A moving tail.

“I’d like to have a dog,” says A.
“I know just what I’d like:
A very special animal,
Not any mongrel tyke.

“A long-haired mini-dachshund
Is the breed I have I mind,
A handsome-looking one; but that’s
The sort that’s hard to find!

“But, once, the perfect dog for me
Appeared on television
Eleven years ago, at Crufts;
So now I’m on a mission.

“Do you know where one might be found
To offer me some solace?”
Amazingly, I do,” cries B,
He’s Mum and Dad’s – he’s Wallace!”.

[Image from foreverpuppy.co.uk – it’s not the real Wallace!]
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