Grannies have special talents.

Amelia happily skipped through the door
But tripped on a toy, and went splat! on the floor.
“My legs,” cried Amelia, “are terribly sore.”
“Don’t worry,” said Granny, “I’ll knit you some more,

“I’ve got some spare wool. What colour, d’you think?”
“My favourite colour,” said Amelia, “is pink.”
“Then pink it shall be,” Granny said with a wink.
“I’ll knit your new legs while you have a nice drink.”

So she knitted a leg: it was long, pink and new;
But she’d used all her pink wool on one leg, not two!
“Don’t worry,” said Granny, “I know what I’ll do.”
And the next leg she knitted was a beautiful blue.

Now Amelia’s new legs are a sight to behold!
The new ones are better by far than the old.
In the winter they’re warm, in the summer they’re cold,
They can run, skip and dance, and they stretch and they fold!

“What a clever invention,” said Granddad. “I know,
We’ll go to the market and put them on show.
‘Knitted legs!’ we will cry, ‘good for sun, rain or snow!’
And people will buy them, and off they will go.

“And soon, all the world will queue up at the door:
‘Your legs are so lovely, your legs we adore!
Oh Granny, dear Granny, please knit us some more.’
And Granny will take out some wool from her drawer,

“And sit down to knit, and she’ll cover the floor
With those luvverly legs you can’t buy any more;
And she’ll open her very own knitted-leg store
For legs, like Amelia’s, so terribly sore.”

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