Bakin’ eggs

A Wiltshire company called Stonegate markets its free-range eggs in girly-pink boxes, labelled ‘Ella Valentine Baking Eggs’. I worried that people (like me) might not buy them in case they weren’t suitable for dunking soldiers in at breakfast. They replied to my anxious email, saying they just wanted to get more people baking.

These eggs aren’t just for bakin’,
There’s more that they can do:
And one of these days these eggs are gonna
Give you breakfast too.

You can fry ’em, poach them, boil ’em
Use ’em in your shampoo;
But one of these days these eggs are gonna
Get you bakin’ too.

That’s why these eggs from Stonegate
Were ‘born to be baked’ – it’s true,
Cos that’s what Ella Valentine
Wants y’all to do.

Are you ready, eggs? Start bakin’!

[Image: Apologies to lyricist Lee Hazlewood, and singer Nancy Sinatra, whose 1966 boots were made for walkin’.]
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