Free-range chipolatas

I spotted a packet of these and wondered how they had been produced. A subliminal voice explained.

Our free-range chipolatas all enjoy a happy life,
So your conscience can be blameless as you slice them with your knife.
They get fresh air and exercise, with access to fresh grazing
In meadows whose diversity is something quite amazing.

We give them the conditions that allow them to have fun:
They run and jump and frolic as they soak up all the sun.
At night-time, they can snuggle into beds of pristine straw
In conditions of such luxury you’ve never seen before.

Come and view our free-range lovelies on their eco-farm in Devon;
See how blissful their existence is in chipolata heaven –
It’s why their skins turn golden brown, and why they taste so yummy.
But please don’t ever tell them they’ll end up inside your tummy . . .

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