Willie the worm

A sartorial lesson.

Young Willie the worm
Liked to wriggle and squirm
As he burrowed his way through the dirt.
But he wondered one day,
In a worm sort of way,
What life would be like in a shirt.

“A shirt would look fine
In a wormy design
Without any collar or arms.
I’d wear it to show
All the girl worms I know,
Who would straightaway fall for my charms!”

He soon got to know
A worm who could sew,
And she made up a shirt for young Willie.
Though he thought he looked cool,
All the girls cried, “You fool,
“That shirt makes you look really silly!”

Young Willie worm found
That his life underground
Had been better not wearing a shirt,
So he threw it away.
You can find him today,
Still burrowing his way through the dirt.

[Image: www.clker.com]
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