Al Fresco is innocent!

But is is too late?

Next door they are cannibalistic.
I suspected there might be foul play
When  I overheard one of them saying,
“We’re eating Al Fresco today”.

Now I know Mr Fresco’s not perfect.
He’s not the most honest of folk;
But to cook the poor fellow and eat him?
Well, that’s getting beyond a bad joke.

Al Fresco has never done anything
Deserving a sentence of death,
And I’ll make sure this dreadful miscarriage
Is righted, until my last breath.

A reprieve should be given immediately –
The judgement was much, much too hard on him.
I decided to write to Her Majesty,
Requesting she posthumously pardon him.

But first, I went round to the neighbours:
“Al Fresco is innocent!” I cried.
“Yes, of course, mate,” they said, “Come and join us,
The burgers are just being fried . . .”

[Image: Sanders
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