Jet Stream

It’s about 10 km above us, and has appeared in our weather forecasts in the last few years as a contributing factor to unusual weather.

If the weather in summer has a cold, windy, wet theme,
You can bet it’s because of this new-fangled ‘Jet Stream’.
It’s a fast-moving air mass, high up in the skies,
That blows from the west, unseen by our eyes.

Met Office folk use their special black arts
To plot anticyclones and winds on their charts:
They reckon that knowing the Jet Stream’s location
Helps forecast the weather in store for the nation.

To pilots, it can be a blessing or curse:
The turbulence round it is bumpy, or worse.
But to fly in it westwards is fast and saves fuel –
Avoid it on eastbound flights, though, as a rule.

The Jet Stream’s been useful to help us explain
Why the weather this year has been such a pain:
We can blame it for all of our weather below –
How we’ve managed without it before, I don’t know.

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