Calendar days

Our calendar begins each new week’s page with a Sunday.

It’s Sunday, the Sun day:
The week’s own Number One day.

It’s Monday, the Moon day
A come-round-much-too-soon day.

It’s Tuesday, old Tiw’s day:
A make-your-mind-up, choose day.

It’s Wednesday, old Woden’s day:
A let’s-get-up-and-go-then day.

It’s Thursday, old Thor’s day:
A got-to-do-those-chores day.

It’s Friday, old Frige’s* day:
A dreaming-up-ideas day.

Its Saturday, old Saturn’s day:
A lets-wear-gaudy-patterns day.

It’s Sunday, the Sun day:
Next week’s new Number One day!

*Pronounced ‘Free-ya’s’

[Image: Bournemouth University Research Blog]
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