A visit to London’s Science Museum was certainly interesting, but its exhibits seemed strongly focused on technology; and although technology can be a useful product of science, I wasn’t sure the Museum was really promoting “science”.

What is science? Who is she?
Invention or discovery?
Both are useful, both are fine,
But I prefer a different line:

To wonder at, then wonder why;
To think a bit; then, by and by,
To cry “eureka” in your bath;
And later, in the aftermath,
To test your theory many times
Against existing paradigms.

And if your idea seems to fit
Your test results, you should submit
For scrutiny (by anyone
Who cares to check what you have done)
Your method, so that they can, later,
Try to replicate your data.

And if they can, your theory’s strong;
But keep in mind you might be wrong.
If tests are done with more precision,
Your first ideas might need revision –
Don’t believe you must be right,
But seek instead a new insight.

That is science, that is she:
To wonder first, and then to see
A way to understand what’s there.
That’s science – and it’s everywhere!

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