A Round Tuit

Expert procrastinators say “I’ll do that when I get around to it”, so I thought I’d test the idea.


I need a Round Tuit.
Have you got one to spare?
A new one or used one,
I really don’t care.

When I get a Round Tuit,
Oh, the things I will do!
I’ll mend things and paint things,
Hang a picture or two;

I’ll clean out the lofts
And the garage and shed;
I’ll sort out the garden
And kill the weeds dead;

I’ll mow both the lawns
And learn how to cook;
Maybe laze in the sunshine
And read a good book.

There is such a long list!
Will I ever get through it?
Perhaps, after all,
I don’t need a Round Tuit . . .

[Image: bytesdaily.blogspot.co.uk]
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