A dog’s tale

Many a dog owner these days has a special sort of sling which helps them to throw a tennis ball for their dog, saving a great deal of muscular action in the arm department. One I saw today even used it to pick the ball up when the well-exercised animal dropped it at her feet. She looked as though she could do with the sort of exercise she was giving her dog. The dog thought the same:

My owner is a chubby lass
Who has a sling she uses
To help her effortlessly throw
My ball to where she chooses.

The exercise I get is great!
I wish she’d get some too,
But biting hands that feed you is,
In doggy lore, taboo.

She’s got herself addicted –
Eats chocolate by the ton.
And such a couch potato!
I’ve never seen her run . . .

But I’ve a plan to make her fit,
A plan that cannot fail:
I’ll make a chocolate launcher
And fit it to my tail.

Next time we’re out for walkies,
I’ll wag my tail with zest
And watch her chase the chocolate –
It’ll all be for the best . . .

She’ll run and puff and pant and grunt,
And work up quite a sweat.
I hope, when she recovers,
She’ll thank her thoughtful pet . . .

[Image: sweetclipart.com]
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