As I discovered on a behind-the-scenes tour of parts of the Natural History Museum (NHM), the real strength of a museum is in its collection of Really Helpful, Knowledgeable, Committed People, as much as in its collection of artefacts.

Behind the scenes at the NHM
Museums everywhere depend
On people such as these.

They’re Really Helpful, Knowledgeable
And totally Committed
To taking care of all the stuff
That others have submitted.

If you’re researching something special
And need to know its history,
Just ask an RHKCP –
They’ll help you solve the mystery.

They know where every item is,
Who found it, when and where.
They treat each item, large or small,
With parental, nurturing, care.

The strength of a Museum,
Which the public rarely sees,
Is in the folk who work there –

[Image: Wikipedia]
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