The first line was a request I actually received by telephone; it made me wonder how far the English language could be developed in a similar way.

“Can you do some babysitterage?”
Came the message by transmitterage.
“Mum can bring her wool for knitterage,
While you update your Twitterage.”

This came from one of my lineage,
So I tried some gentle bargainage:
“We’d need a bit of beverage –
Mine’s half a pint of bitterage . . .”

This little extra leverage
Provoked appalling verbiage
Which stretched the English lang-u-age
Beyond its point of breakingage.

But in the end, a settleage:
Both parties made retreaterage.
We did our babysitterage –
A sort of family moonlightage?

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]
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